8 thoughts on “Map of our Travels”

  1. Hi Pirate and the Cajun,

    Roland and I are following you anxiously in your travels. We are in the midst of making plans with Jennifer and Coleman to join you all at some point in March. Details to follow.
    We wish you both a Happy and Prosperous 2009…

    Your pirate crew back home,
    Captain Ro and Paula T

  2. Well Cousin, You are awesome! My mom told me about your journey, and I had to check it out. I haven’t met Cajun, but she sounds great (and couragous)! I am so happy for you both. What a dream. I’m still in the grind, but it is good. I am teaching every day and my students are awesome. We also just celebrated Don’s one year anniversary for being cancer free. You probably heard that things got tough again last year for him (& all of us). Well, he’s a tough guy and made it through once again. You are soooo right about life… it’s too short to let it pass by. I am glad you are following your heart & living your dream…with your soul mate to top it off! Love and Prayers Always, Val

  3. wow, Heidi! How awesome! Think of us back here in states living the day to day.
    🙂 I truly wish you the best and will be keeping up with your travels. Take care and have a blast. Can’t wait to see and read more.

  4. Hi guys

    Can’t tell you how sorry we are that we missed you at Grand Case, can’t beleive it, especially as the Pirate & the Captain are both hard to miss! Also that we crossed paths & missed you at Ile Fourche, we were at Colombier, doh. Hope to see you again at “home”, Simpson Bay Marina, over the weekend.

    The Captain & the Cook! (I’m going to have to come up with something better, I know!) xx

  5. Hey guys! We are still in St. Barts. The swelll has been rolling in. We were sorry to miss you too! But sure to see you soon… plan on heading back “home” in the next few days.

  6. what a life….my husband and I dream of living a carefree life like this in Guatemala(here in Austin he is an insurance agent, as you can imagine it is not carefree)….the best we have ever done is a month in Guatemala and little weekend and week long trips throughout the years to Guatemala….but ohhh…the long days and the people how I miss the laid back days of life their!!!! Looks and sounds like you guys are having the time of your lives and enjoying the TIME!!!! hoping the weather holds up for you guys!!!!!

  7. Hey Heidi girl.WOW- I am so happy for you and yours. You deserve the best always. Will definitly keep up with your travels. Have a blast – eat DRINK and be merry. XXOOO – Terry

  8. Hi Pirate and Cajun,

    I just came across you blog and was hoping to chat with you about your lifestyle and what things need to be looked into/at. Looks ideal! Awesome site.

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