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As we travel all of the islands, we intend to let you know about the wonderful places we discover as well as those places you should avoid.  We will devise our own GumboPirate rating system and give you tips about when to go, who to ask for, and what to order… 


November 10, 2008

Jimbo’s  Rock and Blue’s Café

We discovered a great restaurant and bar just steps from our marina.  It’s called Jimbo’s and their specialty is Tex-Mex cuisine.  We spent an afternoon there last week and vowed to return many more times.  It’s a “no shoes, no shirt–no problem” kind of place.  Actually, we spent the entire time in the pool at the swim-up bar.  At night, I’m sure the atmosphere changes and shoes and shirts would be a good choice.  Here are some of the reasons we love Jimbo’s:

                -They serve their Margaritas in a fishbowl

                – Their burger is one of the best in the islands

                – You can swim up and place your orders

                – They place awesome music

                – The staff is super nice and fun

                – Their atmosphere is lush and tropical

  Their pool is easy to get in and out of (like a beach) and not deep (so no drowning worries after multiple fishbowls of Tequila)

                 They have wifi, if you need to check emails or update your blog J

                – Did I mention they have really delicious and enormous Margaritas????

If you are ever in St. Maarten, make sure to check them out for yourself.  Or, you can visit them at www., but I promise you won’t get the full experience that way…

Pirate in the pool at Jimbo's
Pirate in the pool at Jimbo
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