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Gumbopirate’s Favorite Restaurants and Bars of the Islands


We have visited many great restaurants, bars and beach shacks in the last year as we sailed the Caribbean islands.  We would like to share our favorites with you in case you are ever in the islands and have a chance to check them out. 



Our top 10 favorite restaurants are listed below.  We choose these because of the quality of the food, service and ambiance.  All of these restaurants provided an outstanding dining experience. 

  1. Le Phare Bleu, Grenada  (

This fabulous restaurant is located on a lightship called the Vastra Banken that was built in 1900 and meticulously restored.  The ship makes for a very cozy restaurant, with pre-dinner cocktails served on the top deck and dinner served inside the dark wood paneled salon.  The chef prepares some delicious dishes and the bartender makes the best mojitos we have ever had.

2.       Montpellier, Nevis 

Montpellier Plantation is located high in the hills of Nevis and offers spectacular views.  This five star resort is very private and very luxurious.  The dining experience was superb.  With only a handful of tables and a special chef created menu each night, the service is personal and the food outstanding.  There is even a giant Labrador that greets each guest upon arrival.

3.       Straw Hat, Anguilla

Now located on the beautiful Meads Bay at the Frangipani Resort, Straw Hat is a wonderful place to watch the sunset and have a fabulous seafood meal.  The crayfish are to die for.  The servers are irreverent and fun.  The drinks are fantastic.  And the view and setting is as good as it gets.  If you are in Anguilla, you have to visit this place.

4.      Eden Rock, St. Barts

On the tres chic island of St. Barts, the Eden Rock hotel is the ultimate in luxury and romance.  We stayed in the Garbo Suite, frequented by Howard Hughes and Greta Garbo in the 1940s.  The restaurant, On the Rocks, offers fine French cuisine under the stars and perched above the Caribbean sea.  One of the most memorable nights ever!

 5.       La Santal, St. Martin

A gorgeous restaurant specializing in French/Caribbean cuisine.  Le Santal restaurant offers wonderful, uninterrupted views of the sea, fresh seafood, French champagnes and wines and attentive service.  A five star experience!

 6.       Maria’s French Terrace, Bequia       

Located right across from the dinghy dock in Port Elizabeth, Bequia.  The upstairs restaurant overlooks the harbor and the activity of Front Street down below.  Claudine and John, the owners, do a fantastic job of making you feel welcome and tending to your every need.  The French chef is actually from France and prepares authentic and delicious dishes, including many outstanding beef dishes (which is hard to find in the Grenadines!).  We loved this place.

 7.       Do Brazil, St. Barts 

Located on beautiful Shell Beach in St. Barts, Do Brazil restaurant is a cool and relaxing place to enjoy a bottle of white wine and a long and lazy lunch.  Sunday brunch has an eccentric jazz trio.  Their best dish is Moqueca- a Brazilian fish stew with a coconut milk base.  We go here every time we are in St. Barts, and we always get the Moqueca… soooo good.

 8.       Harmony Hall, Antigua

Harmony Hall hotel and restaurant is perched high on a hill and affords spectacular 360 degree views of the sea.  The restaurant was awesome, with some of the best pasta dishes we have ever had.  They make their pasta in-house and pair it with delicate and flavorful sauces and fresh ingredients including lobster, conch, clams and scallops.  After lunch, you are welcomed to take your drinks and lounge by their pool.  They also have a dingy dock!

9.     Rainforest, Marigot Bay, St. Lucia   

Set deep inside Marigot Bay among the mangroves, Rainforest restaurant offers a different chef-inspired menu each night.  The setting is unique and beautiful with cicadas and crickets serenading diners each evening.  You really feel like you are deep in a rainforest (don’t forget the bugspray!).   The food and the service was wonderful. 

 10.    The Cotton House, Mustique

The Cotton House resort is located right on the beach on the private island of Mustique.  Their Veranda restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is fantastic no matter which meal you choose to have there.  The sounds of the ocean make it relaxing and peaceful.  The menu is varied and tempting.  The people watching is second to none. 




Here are our top 10 watering holes.  They all have a great location, great drinks and a fun atmosphere.

1.       Sunshine’s, Nevis

Order a Killer Bee and some grilled lobster!  Enjoy the tunes and make sure and say hello to Sunshine.

 2.       Le Select, St. Barts

Order a Ti Punch and watch the people walk by.  If you are hungry, go for the cheeseburger.

 3.       Happy Island, Union

The happiest place on earth!  Rum punch or beer.  Lobster or conch.  Janti is the most gracious host.

 4.       Karackter, St. Martin

It’s a school bus/bar on the beach.  Get there early to grab one of the few beach chairs.  Great frozen mango daiquiris and mojitos. 

 5.       Horni Baboon, Grenada

Swing on hammocks while sipping cocktails.  A late night crowd and great music make it fun.  Beware of the unisex bathrooms.

 6.       Firefly, Mustique

Join the Martini and Champagne club if you dare.  We did! 

 7.       Frangipani, Bequia

A great watering hole for locals and visitors.  Sit with your feet in the sand and order something tropical.  Watch the sun set and the boats sail in and out of the harbor.

 8.       Big Poppa’s, Dominica

Meet all of the locals and try some of their local fare.  Sunday is the beach bbq, beware of the potency of the rum punches!   The music goes on until the wee hours of the morning- so don’t anchor too close to this place.

 9.       Shipwreck, St. Kitts

A cool beach bar with wonderful frozen margaritas.  They also have monkeys…

 10.   Doolittles, Marigot Beach Club, St. Lucia

The best happy hour deals.  Play some pool, read some European tabloids, float in the pool, meet some people from all over the world…  the time flies when you are at Doolittles.

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