Sweet Summertime in Newport


It’s that time of year again.  When everything is in bloom, the windows are left open all day and night and the cool ocean breeze and smell of the sea is constant.  Summertime in Newport, RI!   We love our New England summers, the weather is perfect and much of our days are spend outside in the sun.

Newport is a fun little town nestled on the sea.  Hundreds of sailboats and mega-yachts are perched in the harbor, waterfront restaurants are plentiful and there is always something going on.  It is a tourist town, so weekends are packed with parties in full swing.  But weekdays are generally tame and it is easy to take a quiet stroll through town or along the water.

A sunset sail in Newport Harbor


While there are many reasons to love Newport, the quality of the restaurants is definitely on the top of our list.  The seafood is fresh and tasty.  Lobster, clams, mussels, cod, calamari are great at every place you go.  Much of the dining is al fresco, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather and fantastic views.

Lobster night al fresco at the rooftop deck of the Viking Hotel.
A traditional clambake on the lawn at the Inn at Castle Hill
When you can’t decide, just get it all in one pot!

Another great attraction of Newport is the gorgeous scenery and amazing views.   Whether it be the impressive harbor full of boats, the magnificent mansions on Bellevue and Ocean Drive, the expansive views of open ocean, or the spectacular sunsets… it is always beautiful in Newport.

Watching the start of the Newport to Bermuda race.
Afternoon cocktails with a view at Castle Hill
Sunset on the rooftop of the Vanderbilt Grace
It is always easy to find a fantastic spot to sit and admire the view

It is also wonderful to be in a town so steeped in history.  Many buildings date back to the late 1600 and early 1700s.  The buildings are narrow and high and definitely built at a time when people were smaller.  Pirate often has a difficult time fitting through the tiny doorways and halls.

One of our favorite neighborhood bars, the Whitehorse Tavern


Declaration of Independence is read from the courthouse steps every 4th of July.

And last, but not least, Newport is a drinking town!   There are countless places to have a libation.  Whether it be a cocktail on a rooftop watching the sunset or a margarita outside in the sun at the busy harbor watching boats and tourists come and go.. there is always a perfect spot to pass the afternoon.


Sunset cocktails at The Deck
Margarita on the harbor


Rooftop martinis…
Breakfast in a glass…
Margaritas at our neighborhood pub- Pour Judgement
Champagne at The Mooring

For all these reasons and many more, Newport has a special place in our hearts.  Cheers to Newport and cheers to summer!



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