Our Island Elixir…

Our Island Elixir…. Bequia!

As 2016 comes to a close, we have been reflecting about the whirlwind that the last year and a half has been.  On the one hand, time has flown by and it hardly seems possible that it has been one year since we have updated this blog.  On the other hand, we have gone through some trying times that did not seem to go by so quickly.  In August of 2015, Pirate had emergency open heart surgery.  Following the successful surgery, he contracted a viral infection and was readmitted to the hospital and was in pretty bad shape for a bit.  Recovery was slow but progress was steady and his strength and stamina eventually returned.  Rum drinking commenced again (although now interspersed with regular cardio exercise sessions and a healthier and nearly meat free diet).  As expected, we had a lighter travel schedule and our adventures were mostly closer to home.

However, when a Pirate recuperates, it must be somewhere warm and tropical where rum is in abundance, the salt air fills ones lungs and the sea provides the soundtrack.  Back to Bequia we went!  This time, with a lesson about the fragility of life fresh in our minds, we experienced it a bit differently.  We savored it more.  Spent more quiet time.  Read less and watched the weather roll in and out over the harbor more.  The time still flew by, but when we returned from our 5 week respite we were rejuvenated, rested and ready to get back to reality.   Not too ready to return though, we booked another five weeks in 2017 so that we had something to look forward to.

Bequia Back Porch Sunset

This time to Bequia, we selected a different villa named Allamanda located at the highest point of the island, the top of Mount Pleasant.  Our reason for changing villas was due to several factors:  1) We wanted to see sunsets  2) We wanted to see boats come and go  3) We wanted a constant breeze (no mosquitoes) 4.) We wanted a flat living space with limited stairs.  Our previous villa, while gorgeous, did not offer any of these must haves.  This time, we found our forever spot.  The villa and location were perfect.  Sunsets were spectacular, breezes were constant and mosquitoes were absent.

Allamanda Villa front view
Sunset swim at Allamanda
Morning view of harbor at Allamanda

Just as on our last visit, our favorite hangout during the days was De Reef bar and grill on Low Bay Beach.  We loved their Callaloo soup, lobster salad, fresh tuna melts and of course the best and most potent rum punch.

Quiet day at Low Bay
Pirate takes a plunge at Low Bay
Cajun and a very large rum punch
Callaloo soup, tuna melt, rum punch… and a fantastic view!

During this visit, the surf and swell on Low Bay was pretty severe on some days, washing over the road and making beach combing and swimming impossible.  On those days, we would venture to the opposite side of the island to Friendship Bay and the Bequia Beach Hotel and lime the day away there.

Floating in Friendship Bay
Beautiful Friendship Bay beach… easy for strolling
Exercise done, time for Rum!
One of our favorites, Bequia Beach Bar! Best rum and guava juice!
Barbecue night at Bequia Beach Hotel… our favorite table on the water

We visited many more places during our five weeks, hitting all of our favorite restaurants, bars and beaches.  Here are a few…


Dinner at Mac’s for their famous Lobster Pizza- but the sunset view is even better.
Grocery shopping at our favorite fruit stand..
Sunset cocktails at Frangiapani
Toes in the sand and rum in my hand….
A picnic under the palms in Industry
Beaching it in Spring
Beautiful Day in Spring for a beach picnic
Our favorite place for local food- Keegans!
Keegans on the Beach
The look of total relaxation…
The look of total relaxation….

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