Catching up on the year gone by…Where did the time go?

Gumbopirate back from hiatus.... Rum drinks in hand!
Gumbopirate back from hiatus…. Rum drinks in hand!

Wow… It has been nearly a year since I have updated this blog!   The year has just slipped by.  Mostly we have been busy working.  New business ventures and traveling between our businesses has kept us extremely occupied with little free time for blogging.  Also, the day to day of running a business does not make for an interesting blog read.  It is much more interesting to read about tropical locales, pirate adventures and international escapades.. fortunately we have had some of those this year that I will do my best to catch up on here.   And as 2014 comes to a close, we are embarking on one of our most exotic adventures yet-  a trip around South America!  So stay tuned….  Gumbopirate is back in action!

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