A Stroll Down Royal Street with the Crew of Cork…

Everyone was dressed up for the Crew of Cork party…

We made it back from wine country just in time to join our Crew of Cork brothers and sisters for the annual parade down Royal Street for the New Orleans Food and Wine Experience.  Just like all Crew of Cork gatherings, it was a wild time filled with free flowing wine, fun costumes, great people and our own Big Cork Poppas marching band to lead the way.  King Patrick and Queen Allison, in the regal finery, toasted all the revelers on Royal Street.  The every-busy “wine police” made sure our glasses were never empty.  While the weather was hot, our party was hotter.  We finished our parade back at Patrick’s Bar Vin and continued the merriment well into the night.  I am sure there were many a Corkian who was a little late for work the next morning….

Cajun and Pirate in our Murphey Goode Viking hats..


Big Cork Poppas lead the way…


Wine police hard at work..
Pirate, Bill and Andrea


King Patrick takes a break on his royal goblet


Cajun gets to don the royal cape…


By the end of the night, things seem to be a little turned around…

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