Mayreau and the Tobago Cays…

Anchored in Mayreau.

From Canouan, we sailed further south to the island of Mayrea and anchored in the gorgeous Salt Whistle Bay.  This tiny cove is a beautiful place to drop anchor for an evening- crystal clear and calm waters, powdery white sand, plenty of rum shacks and lots of great “people watching” as charter boats come and go.  Many boats come in and attempt to anchor many times and then leave in frustration when they can’t seem to find a good spot.  We know to get there early.   We also hiked up to the top of the island to admire the panoramic views.  Along the way, we ran into a goat who would not budge from the middle of the road- not even for larger vehicles.  Quite funny.

Relaxing in the clear waters of Salt Whistle Bay
afternoon siesta on the bow of the boat…


beautiful views on top of the island


The goat that would not move…


After Mayreau, we had a short sail to the Tobago Cays.  This is the most spectaular anchorage of them all.  It is a protected marine park that offers great snorkelling and expansive views of the horizon. The sea that changes colors each minute depending on the positioning of the sun and clouds.  The myriad of blues and turquoise shades of the sea against the cerulean sky are breathtaking.  At night, the stars are amazing- a blanket of twinkling lights- with nothing to dilute the experience as there is no island, no people, no noise and no lights from electricity- just the sounds of the wind and the waves.  A very special place to visit!

Hanging out in the Tobago Cays


Windsurfing in the Cays

After an awesome time in Tobago Cays, we sailed south again to Union Island.  We hit all of our usual places but our favorite is always visiting Janti on Happy Island.  We were surprised to see how much he had added onto his island made of conch shells in the short time we had beestn gone.  He has a new outdoor bar area and a state of the art DJ/microphone set up.  While progress is good, sometimes you yearn for the old days when things were more simple and quaint.  Anchoring off of Happy Island is not quite as peaceful as it used to be… no you can hear  random drunk people singing bad reggae/soca music into the microphone in the evening.  However, if you are on Happy Island partaking in the festivities… it is all good.  We just happened to be part of that crowd on this visit, so all was great!


Sunset rum punches at Happy Island
Gumbopirate sitting at the new bar…
While some things change, the sunsets stay the same…

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