Lazy Days in Bequia..

After our marathon rum tour, we needed a few days of R&R Bequia-style.  Days to be lazy, appreciate the slow pace of island life and watch the sun slowly slip into the ocean each evening.

Pirate Enjoys Lazy Days in Bequia

While there was lots of activities going on with the Easter Regatta, we chose to perfect our liming skills on the boat and at the beach.  We did attend the Mount Gay sponsored race parties though.. after all they were giving out free rum and no self-respecting pirates could forego that.

Neal, Rick and the Pirate at the Mount Gay Regatta party.

Our Canadian friend Tina convinced the Pirate to see an island accupuncturist to releive pain in his knee.  We all went with him for support and for entertainment.  Of course we brought lots of rum too.  Yuki the Bequia-needle lady did all sorts of crazy things to Pirate’s knee- including electrodes, fire and other voodoo tricks.  However, the final assessment by Pirate was that rum still works better on treating sore body parts.

Yuki tries to shock Pirate's knee back to life...


After two weeks in Bequia, it was time to sail away.  We had a farewell dinner at our favorite restaurant, Sailors with our favorite people, those silly poutine-eating Canadians (also known as Rick, Tina, Dave and Mary).  It was a fabulous meal of Lobster Thermidore.  The perfect way to end our Bequia stay.

Cajun works on her liming skills...
our boat at sunset
our boat at sunset
Happy Days in Bequia
Beach day at Low Bay

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