R&R in the Caymans…

Pirate stands guard on the dock

R&R in the Caymans…

We were fortunate to have a week of pure R&R in the Caymans.  Thank you John K and Bob S for your generous hospitality.  We were thoroughly pampered with great food, overflowing libations and beautiful weather.  We also got to see our friend George, aka the BareFoot Man, at his weekly gig at the Reef Resort on the East End.  We also enjoyed a day of liming at Rum Point where we consumed copious amounts of rum and lounged the day away in hammocks on the beach.  Fun Times!

Even though we had a wonderful time, we were disappointed with much of the island of Grand Cayman itself.  It is super-commercialized with tons of high rise condo developments and fast food restaurants every few blocks.  It felt more like the Florida coast than it did the Caribbean, with very little authentic Caribbean flavor and charm.  When we describe what we love about the islands we usually talk about rum shacks on the beach with colorful local characters, local markets with an abundance of fresh fruits, locals cooking homemade specialties on the streets, clear nights with thousands of stars, peaceful days of hearing the waves lapping and birds chirping, etc.  Grand Cayman offered none of that and the prices were crazy expensive to boot (the US dollar is .80 to the Cayman dollar).  But, not every island can be an undiscovered paradise.  Especially those that have 6+ cruise ships arriving on its shores each day!   From the locals perspective though, unemployment is low and the amenities are plentiful.  You must accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative….

Next week we are off to new islands and new adventures… stay tuned.

Cajun enjoys the sunset
Pirate enjoys Happy Hour at the Reef
Cajun stands by a seagull
After drinking his rum, Pirate takes a nap
Cajun catches some rays at Rum Point
Time to see the Barefoot Man!

One thought on “R&R in the Caymans…”

  1. That’s unfortunate it wasn’t as expected and that it was pricey. 80 cents out of a dollar would actually be nice right about now. The last time I had to use euro I was only getting 73 cents out of a dollar. At least the weather was nice and you had good food, drink, and friends.

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