Canouan, Grenadines

Canouan was a sleepy island with a large airport relative to the amount of people coming and going from this place.  The main reason for this is private jets fly in here to get people to Mustique (which does not allow jets to land at their small airport as the noise would spoil the ambiance for the rich and famous).  So, the ambiance is spoiled for the poor islanders next door and the rich are ferried from Canouan to Mustique in powerboats.  For a time they had the large Raffles resort in Canouan, a five star luxury hotel, golf course and casino.  We tried to visit it while we were there, but were informed that a “day pass” would set us back $500 per person, drinks were not included and shorts and flip flops were not allowed in the casino.   Needless to say, we did not go there for the day.  Not surprisingly, the resort closed down soon after opening and the island is sleepy once again.  It is a beautiful place to visit for a day or two anchored off by boat, but not a destination to fly to and stay for awhile.

A Fish Map for those who are lost and speak "fish"


Pretty views from the south side of Canouan


Our anchorage off of the sleepy Tamarind Hotel

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