Gumbopirate is Stateside this Season…

Gotta Love New Orleans!

After our grand European adventure along the Danube, the Pirate and Cajun settled down back home in New Orleans.  If you have to be on land, there is no better place.  The food, the fun, the people, the Saints, the festivals, the music – good times all the time.  However, after three months as landlubbers, we are definitely missing our island-hopping days.  The boat is currently based in Grenada and enjoying its first season as a luxury charter catamaran.  We will be visiting her from time to time, but she is a “working-girl” now and is showing others the spectacular places that she brought us to over the last few years.

But we won’t be letting the grass grow under our feet here in New Orleans.  We have lots of fun adventures planned for the upcoming months including:

February:  We are marching in the annual Crew of Cork parade here in New Orleans with our friends from Patrick’s Bar Vin.  It is Carnival Time in New Orleans!

March:  We have two Carribbean island adventures planned… stay tuned to see where we end up.

April:  We are heading to Bequia for the annual regatta and to catch up with all our crazy Canuck friends!

May:   We are visiting California wine country and then  embarking on a road trip from New Orleans to Newport, RI

So hopefully we will continue to have some wonderful Gumbopirate adventures to share with all of our friends who follow us here.  In the meantime, Gumbopirate will be taking a look back and posting pictures from some of the fabulous places that we have visited over the last four years.  For two travelnuts at heart,  our philosophy is: If you aren’t on a trip, then you should either be planning your next trip or talking about previous trips.  So, since our next few trips are all planned and booked, we will now engage in our next favoite pastime- reminiscing.

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