Be a part of the Gumbopirate Adventures…

This could be you....


Be a part of the Gumbopirate Adventures…..

This year we are trying something different with Shearwater.  As we have lots of other travel scheduled and we did not want to let her sit abandoned at the marina or boatyard for the season, we have decided to put her out to charter so that others can enjoy her in our absence.  Our great friend Neal will be taking over as captain. He will be chartering her for week-long trips through the spectacular islands of the Grenadines.  Captain Neal is an experienced charter captain having run his own successful charter business aboard his boat Lost Our Marbles for the last 12 years.  Neal knows the islands of the Grenadines better than anyone we know and his past customers continually rave about how their charters with him were true dream vacations that had equal parts of adventure, relaxation, fun and serenity.  We know Shearwater will be in great hands and that all those who embark on a Shearwater charter with Captain Neal will have the time of their lives.

If you are interested in becoming a Gumbopirate and living the life of rum, sun, sand and island adventures, please check out luxury Shearwater charters at:

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