Bittersweet Memories…

Sampling Fois Gras in Alsace

Bittersweet Memories

We traveled from Budapest, Hungary to Strasbourg, France via the Danube, Main and Rhine Rivers.  It  was a month-long trek through 6 countries on a luxury riverboat with our favorite travel companions and best friends, Cajun’s parents Karyn and  Joe.  It was a dream vacation where we experienced new cultures and cuisines and met many fascinating and wonderful people.  Best of all, we got to enjoy  spending time together with no worries. We were able to share in the joy of discovering  beautiful places and sampling fantastic foods and wines in each unique town and country. We were pampered and catered to along the way by our superb crew for the entire trip.  It was hands down the best vacation ever, for so many reasons.

It was truly a foodie’s dream trip.  We had goulash in Hungary, elaborate coffee drinks and pastries in Vienna, sausages, schnitzels and sour krauts in Bavaria,
beers in Franconia, wines in Wachau, fois gras in Alsace and chocolate croissants in Strasbourg.  We strolled through medieval towns, drank in lively beer gardens, dined in palaces and wine cellars and wandered through endless vineyards.

After a month of eating and drinking our way through Europe we sadly said goodbye and flew home to rejoin the real world.  Before we were able to even fully unpack,  one call changed our lives forever.  Cajun’s dad suddenly and most unexpectedly passed away.

 No words can describe the sadness and shock that we feel.  Every day since has felt like a bad dream  from which we will soon awake.  It is unfathomable that someone so young and vibrant and loving was taken away from us.  But it is a reality that we have no choice but to accept.  We are so fortunate to have had this wonderful month-long vacation together.  These are experiences and memories we will cherish forever and hold dear in our hearts.  I had the best dad in the
world and am so glad that I told him so and was able to spend so much time with him.  Pirate had a best friend in Joe who shared his interests in boating and travel and shared his since of humor and fun.  We will miss him forever.

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