Good Times in the Grenadines…

Pirate, Caju, Amie and Bill at Firefly

Good Times in the Grenadines…

We sadly said our goodbyes to Bequia for the season and picked up our good friends Bill and Amie for a whirlwind tour of the Grenadines.   Bill and Amie are “old salts” with us as this was their fifth trip aboard Shearwater.  We had our fingers crossed that Shearwater would be a good girl for their entire 10 day stay.  Since it is the end of our season and we have been sailing now for 7 months, some key primary systems are on the fritz and we are running on back-ups.   But, the patron saint of temperamental boats must have been looking out for us, because for Bill and Amie’s entire 10 day stay, all of our systems worked fine! 

We visited all of our favorite places starting with Macaroni Beach and Firefly in Mustique.  Mustique was gorgeous as usual- such a posh paradise.  From Mustique we sailed to the Tobago Cays and along the way we caught a nice yellow-fin tuna.  We anchored right off of the End of the World reef in crystal clear waters and immediately filleted up the tuna.  We enjoyed a lunch of sushi and dumped the entrails overboard.  Before long, we had a feeding frenzy of sting rays and eagle rays right off of the back of the boat.  We all put on our snorkel masks and slipped into the water to watch the show.  Fortunately, the rays were more interested in the tuna parts than us and we were able to get some great pics and video.

The next morning we set off for Saltwhistle Bay, Mayreau.  We snorkeled, beach combed and rum-shack hopped the day away.  We enjoyed a fabulous beachside dinner at the Saltwhistle Bay Club.  Our next stop was Chatham Bay, Union.  It was a mudslide day!  We also had a very competitive Scrabble tournament.  In the evening, we went to Shark Attack for a feast of Lobster, Lambi and Dorado- so delicious.  For less than $40 US per person, you cannot find a better meal!

Our last stop was Clifton Harbor.  We anchored off of Horsehoe Reef in beautiful, shallow waters and enjoyed watching the wind surfers zip past the boat.  We had sunset cocktails and steamed whelks with Shanti at Happy Island and another local feast at our good friend Lambi’s.    The 10 days with Bill and Amie flew by and when they departed from Union, we were all exhausted.  Fortunately, we enjoyed great weather while they were here.  On the day they left, a front system moved slowly through the Windward islands and it stormed nonstop for 5 days.  We waited in Union for another 4 days, hoping for a break in the weather, but no luck.  As our time in the Grenadines was up, we set sail for Grenada in nasty conditions with little visibility.  Pirate manually steered the entire 40 miles in big seas and constant rain.  We arrived in St. Georges, Grenada in the early afternoon and were happy to finally be at anchor.

Cajun has been sick for the last week.  Grenada is hot, hot hot! No wind and high humidity.  But, we love it here and are enjoying our last couple of weeks on Shearwater for this season.  We are looking forward to our next adventure- a transatlantic crossing to Spain.   We are not ready to go home just yet- so we will just keep on cruising.. but not on our boat this time.  So we will be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the view with no stress and no boat maintenance responsibilities…   Pure heaven!

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