Boats, Beaches and Bars in Bequia…


An Afternoon at Beige's...

Boats, Beaches and Bars in Bequia…

It has been a wonderful and action-packed stay in Bequia.  It is hard to believe that we have been here over a month now.  This place really feels like home to us, as we are surrounded by friends everywhere we go. 

The boat has been giving us its share of problems this season.  You know what they say-  BOAT either stands for “Broken or About To”  or “Break Out Another Ten Thousand”…  Either one of those saying applies for us.  After going through all of the hassle of ordering, shipping and installing a new charger/inverter system in St. Lucia, the brand-new, state-of-the-art system caught fire last night and luckily we caught it quickly and the damage was localized to the unit itself.  It seems that the charger/inverter was actually better suited to be a coffee table after all.  So, we are back to square one on that.  Hopefully, the damage will be covered by the warranty.  Our friend and life-saver Kerry came over to help us design a “temporary” charging system that will get us through the rest of the season.  Kerry is amazing.  He hooked up a trickle charger that will allow us to run our 110 and top off our batteries on days that the sun isn’t strong enough to power our solar chargers.  He also taught Cajun how to “hot wire” the port engine isolator each time Pirate turns on the engine.  So after all the Kerry-rigging, we are good to go! 

Luckily Bequia offers many beaches and bars to take our minds off of our boat woes.  We have been enjoying sunny days at Princess Margaret and Low Bay Beaches where all of the Bequia regulars gather.  We have also really enjoyed hanging out with Pete, Janine, Rick and Tina who sadly have all returned to their native “Canadia.”   As for bars, our favorite place this season has to be Pappa’s.  Gert, the manager,  has really put together a great place with a friendly atmosphere, beautiful harbor views, cool breezes and delicious food.  We are there nearly every day, lounging on the couches, watching tv, sipping cool beverages and chatting it up.   And of course, we must mention our afternoon sessions at Beige’s bar.  It never ends up pretty, but Beige’s is a must-visit rum shack.  Ordering a drink consists of them placing a full bottle of rum on the table and saying “just keep track of how much you pour”.   Yesterday we finished the bottle in order to make it easier to keep an accurate tally. 

We will be sad to say goodbye to Bequia in the next couple of days.  But we will be back soon!  





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