To Union and Back Eh!


Gumbopirate Crew

To Union and Back Eh!

The Gumbopirates gained four new Canadian crew members and some official crew uniforms for a four day trip to Union Island in the Grenadines.  Our friends Rick, Tina, Janine and Pete joined us for a fun filled adventure to our favorite haunts, and in true Gumbopirate-style, there was lots of rum, lots of laughs and much progress toward solving world peace J… Did we mention we had rum?

The crew was a surly bunch of grog-guzzling sea dogs, but very worthy seamen giving Pirate and Cajun a nice break from the usual hoisting of the main, steering and galley work.  They also tried to teach us a thing or two about their native “Canadia” after we mentioned that the only notable exports we knew of were Celine Dion and Barenaked Ladies.  A serious meeting of Canadian minds ensued and a more laudable list of Canadian treasures was offered including: Justin Bieber, Alanis Morisette, Mike Myers, Tim Horton’s, the polar bear, the moose, and the phrase “I’m sorry”.    In true Canadian fashion, they also tried to take credit for the Rolling Stones, ice cubes and Christmas, but we wouldn’t let them have those.  They should be satisfied with the Beibs and the polar bear, eh? J

We took a boat trip with Rodrigue to tiny Mopion Island.  Such a fantastic place and we had it all to ourselves.  We lamented the fact that we had no Gumbopirate flag to stake in the ground to officially declare the island as our own.  After Mopion, we went on a rum shack hop through town and made a point to visit the Pelican Bar to savor the wonderful view of Clifton Harbor, Palm Island, Tobago Keys and PM and PSV.   A huge dinner at Lambi’s and sunset cocktails at Happy Island were the cappers on a perfect day!

After Clifton, we motored over to Chatham Bay for another day of sun, sand and rum.  We lounged around on big, plush couches drinking booze shakes at Aqua. From our comfortable perch, we watched the rain come down, the sun come out and a large group of Russian men in SpeeDos getting a little too cozy on their own couches.  Some of the Russians passed out on the floor- showing that they were not “tournament tough’’ on rum and should stick to their vodka.   We did the obligatory rum shack hop down the beach until sunset and then headed for Shark Attack for mounds of lobster, piles of Dorado and heaps of BBQ chicken.  So delicious!   We were as full as ticks and all headed back to the boat just before the rain came down again.

Back to Bequia we sailed.  Unfortunately, it was into the wind and waves for a 6 hour slog.  We arrived back all beat, some bruised, others a little green, but all filled with great memories and lots of stories to tell. 

To our Canadian friends:  Ya’ll just ain’t right, eh!

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