Time Flies When You’re Having Rum…

Kerry with his giant Crab

It is hard to believe we have already been in Bequia for a week!   We have been busy with the usual boat chores/maintenance in the mornings and fun in the sun and sand in the afternoons.  It is a winning routine that works well for the Pirate and the Cajun.

We had Kerry over to check on our starboard engine.  He seems to think that we don’t have a major oil leak.  We had the engine room cleaned out again, so next time we run the engines for an extended period we will be able to tell- if there is more oil on the floor, it is a leak.   Kerry and the Pirate pulled up a stray net while cruising around the harbor in the dinghy.  It was attached to a charter boat’s prop as they sailed into the harbor.  The cut it free and left it to float in the harbor which could be a problem for other boats.  So, Kerry and the Pirate decided to be good Samaritans and haul it aboard the dinghy to dispose of properly.   They were quite surprised that after pulling in over a hundred feet of line to finally haul out the massive net and a giant crab caught up in it.  Kerry took it home to cook up for dinner.

We had a great time at the Friday jump-up at Sailors.  There was a great band and lots of dancing.  We were hurting a bit the next morning, but it was well worth staying up way past our usual bedtime.  Tomorrow we are heading out for a three-day sail with our friends Rick, Tina, Janine and Pete.  They are landlubbers from Canada staying here on Bequia for the month.  They have boats back home, so they should be great crew.

Our friends Rick and Kari sent us some more great pics from our time in St. Lucia so we are posting them here as well.  They also gave us a great new underwater palm video camera that we have been getting familiar with.  It will give the blog an added bonus feature of underwater videos when we visit spectacular snorkeling venues.  Thanks Rick and Kari!

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