Back on the Water is the Best Place to Be!

Gumbopirate at the Pitons

Back on the Water is the Best Place to Be!

After a hectic week of work, we arrived back to Rodney Bay, St. Lucia to find our new inverter/charger working like a charm.  We could not be happier with the work Vincent did to restore our electronic systems.  We are back in business with our blended concoctions flowing and ipods charging to keep the cool tunes playing.  As soon as our electrical systems were back on track, we high-tailed it out of the marina.  While marinas can be nice, we much prefer to be out at sea on anchor than in a dusty, crowded, dirty lagoon at the dock. 

Just before untying the dock lines, our friends Rick and Kari arrived to sail the beautiful waters of St. Lucia with us.   It is great having them aboard as they have proved to be quintessential “boat people”, mastering all of the key skills like swabbing the deck, popping open an ice, cold Piton, mixing a mean rum and coke and making sure the music meets the mood.  We have been hitting all of the St. Lucia hot spots like Marigot Bay, Soufriere, the Pitons, and Malgretout.  It has been wonderfully fun and relaxing.

We have been extra vigilant about locking up our dinghy at night.  Two separate friends of ours have had their dinghies stolen in the last week.  We do not want that unfortunate crime to happen to us!  Life without a dinghy is no fun; it is like having your car stolen. 

St. Lucia has been beautiful and the people warm and welcoming.  We are enjoying being pampered at it’s fabulous resorts including Jalousie and Ladera.  Benny at Harmony Beach has been the most special host to us, taking care of our every need whether on the boat or on shore.  We love it! 

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