Trying to Keep a Tropical State of Mind…

We wish we were back here!!!


  We had to fly back to the states for one week to get some work done.  Going from a balmy 85 degress to a snowy 20 degrees is quite a shock to the system.   It is COLD in New England!   We are no longer craving frozen rum concoctions, instead we are in search of hearty, warm soups and deep, rich red wines.  The good thing is we will only be here for one week and when we return our new charger/inverter should be installed and functioning.   The bad thing is we will be here for one week in the freezing weather and realistically there is probably only a 50-50 change our inverter/charger will be installed as promised.  But, we are still in the island state of mind.. no worries mon, it’s all good!    In the meantime we are enjoying all of the amenities and luxuries we don’t get in the islands- lots of long, hot showers, big, juicy USDA steaks, good bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, large cappuccinos and latte’s and visiting with friends.

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