Rainy Days and Rainy Nights


Rainy Days and Rainy Nights…

We are back in St. Lucia, which should be otherwise known as the “rainy island”, as it has rained every single day since we have arrived.  We spent some relaxing days in beautiful Marigot Bay, one of our favorite anchorages.  However, this time the anchorage lost some of its charm.  The “boat boys”, those local rastas that paddle to your boat on surfboards and rafts and try to sell you trinkets, stolen fruit and other things your really don’t need, were in a surly mood.  On several occasions they harassed us for not buying their bruised bananas, not giving them business, not offering them a free drink.  It quickly began to get old.  Things are very slow in St. Lucia now, even slower than other islands.  Local beggars and vendors alike are hurting.  However, harassing the few boats that are anchored in the harbor is not going to help them.  If the authorities don’t crack down soon on these bullies, they will scare away the few tourists they have left.

After a week in Marigot, we discovered we were having some issues with our inverter/charger system. Our charger was not charging the batteries as it should, requiring us to run the engine to top them off.  We decided to sail north to Rodney Bay and get a slip at the marina so that we could plug into shore power and find someone to solve our charger/inverter problem.   When we arrived at Rodney Bay, the dockmaster sent us to a slip on E dock.  Pirate backed the boat into a tight spot and we secured all the lines only to discover that they had sent us to a slip that only accommodates 220v when we have 110v.  That meant we had to move.  We were then sent to G dock and to a slip was an even tighter squeeze to get into.  Pirate again backed the boat into the slip with no troubles.  After securing all the lines, we were amazed to see just how tight the fit was with only 6 inches of wiggle room on each side. 

The marina is jam packed with boats.  The annual ARC Rally ended here in November.  The ARC is a massive rally of boats that sail across the Atlantic together from the Canary Islands.  There are hundreds of boats from all over Europe here.  They sail together across the Atlantic and then spend the rest of their season exploring the islands of the Caribbean before heading back home.    It has been fun walking the docks and looking at all of the different kinds of boats.  For some, we are surprised that they could make it across a lake much less sail the 2,700 miles across the Atlantic Ocean.  But being securely tied to the dock here is proof that they made it!

We are enjoying Rodney Bay thus far.  When the rain stops and the sun comes out, we head to the beach.  When the days are overcast and gray, we relax on board and whip up some tropical concoctions in the blender.  Come rain or come shine, we are happy and content in St. Lucia.

One thought on “Rainy Days and Rainy Nights”

  1. look forward to seeing you guys at Daytona and hearing all the stories from your latest adventure!
    It’s 15 degrees and snowing in Detroit. Take care, jim

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