Total Relaxation in Chatham Bay…

Cocktails at Sunset

Total Relaxation in Chatham Bay…

We finally tore ourselves away from Bequia after a great night at Sailor’s with our good friends Neal and Karrie.  Alfreck prepared a fantastic meal of Lobster Thermidor and whole grilled Red Snapper. He even gave us a private concert with his guitar and beautiful voice after dinner.  We all sang along.  It was a beautiful evening that we will always remember for many reasons. 

 The next morning we set sail to Chatham Bay, Union. Along the way, Cajun caught a small barracuda. Chatham is a huge, expansive bay full of sea turtles, pelicans and lobsters.  It is a remote anchorage that is without cell phone or internet service.  Without any twinkling lights of a town.  Without any human noises except for 2 or three other boaters.  It is a place to totally unwind and enjoy nature.

There are a couple of beach shacks on the beach on Chatham.   We had a great beach bbq at Shark Attack.  He served us mounds of fresh spiny lobsters and more whole grilled snapper.   So delicious!   We also spent a very relaxing day at Aqua beach bar and restaurant.  Aqua is a new development on Chatham and it truly is an oasis paradise.  There is a large tiki bar with plush couches and an infinity pool overlooking the sea.  They also have a five star restaurant where Chef Nick prepared a fantastic Italian meal for us.  We will definitely be back.

Today we motored from Chatham to Clifton Harbor in Union.  Upon arriving, we called our friends Neal and Karrie to see when they were heading our way.  We learned from Neal that Karrie died of a massive heart attack the day after we left Bequia. It is such a shock that such a beautiful and vibrant, young woman could be gone so soon.  Our hearts go out to Neal who we can only imagine is beside himself in grief.  Karrie was a special person who brought a smile to your face each time you saw her.  We were so lucky to have gotten to know her and regret our time with her was so short.  We will always remember our last dinner with her at Sailor’s where we can still hear her laughter echoing through the restaurant and still see her face light up with a smile.  

One thought on “Total Relaxation in Chatham Bay…”

  1. Hey guys…love reading about your travels…thinking of you both during this hectic holiday season…No..actually., it was 14 degrees here in Washington, DC this morning ( I am here for an overnite meeting) and I thought of you both being nice and warm as I froze my ***** off…!!!
    Have fun during the holidays., you lucky ducks…miss you and love you both,,,Ksquared

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