Back to Bequia…

All smiles after a Saints win!

Back to Bequia…

After picking up Cajun’s parents in St. Lucia, we sailed back south to Bequia.  It was a perfect sail in light winds that were at our back for a change.  We arrived in Bequia in the early afternoon and dropped anchor at our favorite spot off of Princess Margaret Beach.

On Sunday we watched the Saints game on the computer via a subscription to NFL Game Pass.  We camped out at Sailor’s Bar and were the only people there as it was closed.  The owner, Alfec, is a friend and left the gate open for us.  It was a rainy day, but we were cozy inside Sailor’s watching the Saints barely grab a victory over the Bengals.

Monday was a “work day” with Kerry coming by to tie up loose ends of boat maintenance and fix new problems that popped up.  We are also watching the anchorage get more and more crowded each day as charterers and cruisers are coming in for the holidays.  As you walk through town, all of the businesses are playing xmas tunes.  Some are island-style steel pan Christmas carols, others the traditional Bing Crosby variety.  But with such tropical weather, it is hard to believe it is almost Christmas.

We will be heading South again soon to sail more of the Grenadines.  The weather has been great and it is time to explore more anchorages…

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