Over the Waves and Through the Seas to Marigot Bay We Go….

Sailing to St. Lucia

Over the Waves and Through the Seas to Marigot Bay We Go….

We had a “brisk” 70 mile sail to St. Lucia.  The winds were kicking at 25 knots and the seas were quite lumpy.  Pirate was great at navigating and creating a rhumb line that was as smooth as possible considering the conditions.  We passed several other boats along the way that were struggling and hobby-horsing in the rough waves.  It was good to have an experienced captain to make our ride quick   and painless.  We arrived in our favorite St. Lucia anchorage of Marigot Bay after a 9 hour sail tired to the bone.

While in St. Lucia, we caught up with local friends whom we hadn’t seen since last season.  Things are slow on the island as it is still recovering from getting bashed by Hurricane Tomas in October.  The storm did some significant devastation to the island, ruining much of its crops and many homes due to landslides from the heavy rains.  We saw huge sections of major roadways just swept away.  It is unfortunate that they are facing all of these challenges right at the start of tourist season. 

Despite the damage, the rum was still flowing at our favorite haunt, Doolittles.  We spent time there relaxing and watching the beautiful scenery.  We also welcomed Cajun’s parents back aboard, as they flew in to St. Lucia to spend the holidays sailing with us.  It is great to have them back!

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