Deep Conversations at the Corner Rum Shack….

Another Beautiful Day in Bequia

Deep Conversations at the Corner Rum Shack…

The wind has been howling here over the last week, thus we are still in Bequia awaiting a weather window to sail north to St. Lucia.  It is a 70 mile sail straight into the wind, so we would prefer to wait until the winds die down to below 20 knots.  Being on no particular schedule allows us this luxury.  We have been watching the charter sailboats come and go, hobby-horsing in the kicked-up seas and the poor vacationers pale and green with seasickness.  When you only have 7 days on your charter, you have to move no matter what the forecast.

It was serendipitous that the winds did keep us here in Bequia for it allowed us to be here when our friend Peter arrived from Canada.  We met Peter and his friends Rick and Tina and Tina’s wonderful family last April in Bequia.  Peter traveled solo this time to get the ball rolling on an exciting new project- building a home here for is wife and family.  Building anything in the islands is an endeavor that requires lots of patience, humor and most importantly massive quantities of rum.  

We visited with Peter- liming, chatting and watching the sailboats anchor and set off.  Much rum was consumed and many laughs were shared.  But it was a late night conversation at Beige’s corner rum shack that was the most memorable.

After a full day of rum and cokes and island sun, we stumbled into Beige’s rum shack for some nourishment.  Seated on brightly painted cement blocks, we devoured two huge plates of drumsticks (that was all they had on the menu) and of course more rum.  We had an audience of skinny, stray dogs waiting to be thrown our gnawed on bones and loud calypso music pumping through the speakers.  It was a quintessential island setting that for the most part only locals experience.  After so much rum, our conversation drifted from topic to topic but finally settled on how fortunate we all were to be so at peace and happy in our lives.  Peter pointed out how this lifestyle the we are living must allow us to really connect with each other and also with other great people we meet along the way (just as we connected with him). 

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to help you see the forest for the trees.  After thinking about (with less rum in our systems), what he said really rings true.  When we meet people here, or spend time with each other here, it is in such a pure and peaceful environment.  There are no televisions in the background, no cell phones ringing, no emails coming in, no rushing traffic, no appointments to make or meetings one is running late for.  The “white noise” of modern life is removed and there are no distractions for the mind.  It is just life in the moment and each moment has your full attention.  In that situation, you really get to know people quickly and meaningfully and it is a beautiful thing.

So, as we celebrate this Thanksgiving in the islands, we are thankful to be living this lifestyle and thankful for how it has cleared away the “fog” of life and allowed us to check-out of the grid of technology and other modern trappings and tune-in to ourselves, each other and those we meet along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our friends and family back home.  We miss and love  you!

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