All Work and No Play in Bequia….

Whale of a week in Bequia

All Work and No Play in Bequia…

We have been working entirely too hard over the last week.  Our mantra of Boat standing for “Broke or About To” has been ringing true.  We began the week with battery charging problems, which was upsetting since our bank of 10 batteries is less than a year old.  They were not holding their charge, even with the help of our new solar panels and lots of mid-day Caribbean sun.  This unfortunate woe necessitated that we run our generator more often in order to charge up the batteries.  It was then that we discovered our next B.O.A.T. issue, the generator would only run for about 10 minutes and then the battery charger would overheat and shut off.   Thus our batteries could not be charged by either the sun or the generator.  Not a good situation. 

We were contemplating our options of where to sail to in order to get these problems resolved as our batteries were quickly draining to dangerously low levels (-680 amp hours).  It seemed we would be forced to sail all the way back to Grenada, where we originated from, so that we could replace our batteries and get our charger reworked.  We were bummed.

But, in true coconut telegraph fashion, our varnisher Winfield knew a guy, who knew a guy, who had rums with a guy who was good at tinkering on Privilege catamarans for the charter companies.  We got word to him and he promised to come out and take a “look see just now”.  We didn’t have anything to lose, but we kept preparing the boat for a long sail anyways, as we weren’t holding our breath.

Kerry, our savior, arrived in his dinghy and set to work assessing our troubled situation.  Simply enough, he discovered that our main problem is that we had a leak on our boat that was allowing the rain water to drip into our engine compartment and fall directly on our charger.  And for the last week it has been raining quite steadily.  The water was causing corrosion and thus compromising the electrical contacts and the cooling fan on the unit was shorting out and thus causing the charger to overheat and shut down.  We set to work sealing the leak and cleaning off the corrosion and reapplying the contacts.  Low and behold the cooling fan stayed on and our batteries began to charge again.  We were ecstatic as now there was no need to sail back to Grenada and we could stay and play in the land of Bequia for a few more days.  Thank you Kerry!

We have also been busy with inside projects such as painting the cabins and getting new Sunbrella fabric for the inside cushions.  But after five days straight of painting and varnishing, it was time to get back to liming.  So we filled our weekend social calendar with fun, including a Saturday lime at Low Bay with Neil and Carrie, a Sunday NFL party with Pam and Tom at their restaurant, Tommy’s Cantina and Monday night mandatory sunset cocktails at the Frangi with our Canuck friend Peter (he ain’t right, eh).

We have been also catching up on the local gossip.  It seems that a recent beach party which our friend, a chef, supplied all of the food for ended up in a bit of a melee.  Once our chef/friend announced that dinner was served, the party goers were too amped up to stop their festivities to enjoy the food.  A close friend of the chef took offense to this and decided to prod them about coming to eat the food that was prepared for them.  One of the revelers broke a bottle over the chef’s head and then the chef’s friend took a machete and chopped off the guy’s leg.  The Hatfield and McCoy-type feud between these two groups continues to this day…   Only in the islands can you get your leg chopped off for not eating on time.

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