Sweet Bequia!

Beautiful Hope Bay Beach

Sweet Bequia!

We had a fantastic sail from Mustique to Bequia- winds at our back and following seas.  What more can you ask for?  It was like Bequia was rolling out a giant welcome mat for us.  We anchored off of the gorgeous Princess Margaret Beach in 15 feet of crystal clear water.  Cajun swam the anchor to make sure we had a good hold and was frightened a bit by a barracuda who was intent on following her around. 

We are making ourselves comfortable here, putting out the speakers on the bow, rigging up the giant shade awning over the boom, and breaking out all of our outside seating cushions- we intend to stay for awhile.  Bequia, like Grenada, is a second home for us, full of great memories and great friends.

We ran into our friends Neil and Carrie from Lost Your Marbles.  They have become great friends since we battled the Hurricane together in Union.  They are wonderful people and know so much about all of the Grenadines since they have been doing charters on their boat here for the last 10 years.  Carrie is also helping to keep us healthy by dropping off some of her delicious baked goods all the time. 

Cajun went on a four hour hike to the top of Mount Pleasant and then to the secluded Hope Bay.  Spectacular views and scenery were on display for the entire hike, which made the crazy, steep terrain more bearable.  Pirate has been working with Winnfield, a local man, to get all of the varnishing redone on the boat.  It is looking much better each day.

In the evenings we have been enjoying sundown cocktails at the Frangipani, where we met another great person named Tully.  Tully lives the retired life in Puerto Rico after many years of service in the USMC. 

As an appropo way to mark our return to Bequia, we visited the Green Boley to watch the sunset and listen to the tunes of Bequia’s native son Saucony- especially his island anthem “Sweet Bequia” in which he sings:

“While Mr. Buffett is wasting away,

I’ll be chilling in Sweet Bequia

Living above the poverty line in paradise.

And until God is ready for me,

Oh yes, Bequia is where I’ll be,

Living above the poverty line in style”


It is good to be back in Sweet Bequia!

One thought on “Sweet Bequia!”

  1. Love this place. When we visited 2x in July there was a guy “doobie” I think the boat boys called him that had lived on his little boat for years at anchor. We saw him and a friend on little trimaran sailing dingy while had a jam session on the bow. BYW love the Zac Brown Band on your last season video.

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