A Wild Ride on the Conquering Lion…

Our Beach Feast

A Wild Ride on the Conquering Lion…

After two very stressful days dealing with Hurricane Tomas – worrying about anchors, worrying about going adrift, worrying about going aground on the reef and getting no sleep- it was time for a day of pure island-style fun.  That day of fun took place aboard Rodrique’s new colorful, “go fast” boat, the Conquering Lion.

Our first order of business of the morning was to load up with cheap gas and cheap rum at neighboring island, Petite Martinique.  Rodrigue skippered us for a wild ride in big seas the five miles or so to Petite Martinique.  We held on for dear life as we rode up and up each wave only to slam back down and do it again.  Our backs and butts were sore when we arrived.  Petite Martinique is a tiny island of only 1000 people, but is a frequent stop for local boaters as the gasoline and diesel prices are half of what they are on the other islands. 

After loading up, we stopped at Mopion for an impromptu rum picnic.  Mopion is a small spit of sand arising out of the ocean.  The only think on the island is a weathered, thatch hut to sit under and sip your rum.  Once we were fortified with rum, we hopped back on the Conquering Lion for another wild ride back to Union.  We stopped in the local village of Ashton for more rum and a snack of “fry bakes” (kind of like a beignet without the powdered sugar) at a tiny rum shop.  Rodrigue introduced us to his cousin who gave us another bottle of “homemade root rum”, which really was just Very Strong Rum that has been steeped with a hodge podge of haphazard things like tree bark, garlic, berries, twigs and who knows what else… YIKES! 

We then motored over to the beautiful Chatham Bay where we had a fantastic beach cook-out of lobster, lambi and fish.  It was so delicious and such a gorgeous setting.  We ended the day of fun at Happy Island for more rum drinks with Shanti and crew.  Our day aboard the Conquering Lion was one to remember.  We had so much fun we have already made plans to do it again soon!

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