Batten Down De Hatches and Stock Up on De Rum…

Swimming to Happy Island for Rum Drinks..


Batten Down De Hatches and Stock up on De Rum…

We rented a car and toured the entire island of Carriacou.  We loved the town of Windward where many local wooden sloops are hand crafted, the beautiful old sea-side cemetery with some graves dating back to the 1700s and the gorgeous Paradise Beach.  We befriended the owner’s of Hardwood Bar and Grill on Paradise Beach who offered us a mooring in front of their bar next time we come.  They also offered to cook us up some authentic “oil down” if we call ahead and let them know we are coming.  We will definitely be back soon!

From Carriacou we sailed the short distance to Union Island.  Union has always been one of our favorite places- the people are so friendly, the island so quaint and rustic and the local cooking is always fantastic, and the anchorage is gorgeous as the boat is perched on the edge of a large reef offering great snorkeling and a short swim to Happy Island for afternoon rum punches and chats with Shanti, the owner.   We also have lots of local friends here who we are always happy to see including Boutique, Rodrigue, Lambi, and Vita.  

We ate a fantastic meal at Lambi’s- whole fried fresh red snapper and stewed lambi with all the ground provisions.  Vita kept our flanka’s flowing as we devoured the delicious meal.   When we asked for more ice for our rum, Vita went to the bar, dug her hands in the ice bucket and hurried back with two fists full of ice and dumped them into our glasses-  only in the islands… 

Rodrigue has been working on our boat polishing and waxing.  We had plans to take a trip with him to Petite Martinique today and then a beach cook-out on Chatham Bay; however, those plans have now been postponed as a tropical storm/hurricane is approaching the Grenadines.  We spent yesterday and this morning securing everything and deploying additional anchors.  We are riding it out on board and hoping for the best.  The storm is a large one, so there is really nowhere to run to.  We have ensured we have an adequate supply of rum, enough anchors, and will batten down the hatches and hope Hurricane Tomas skirts us.

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