Peaceful Days in our Private Anchorage…

Our Special Spot!


Peaceful Days in our Private Anchorage…

Our generator part finally arrived after being held captive in customs for a few days.  To our surprise, Beeman decided Grenada wasn’t his cup of tea and returned back home.  After Beeman’s departure and the installation of our new part, Cajun and Pirate set sail north to the island of Carriacou and our favorite private anchorage.

We have been at this secluded anchorage for the last three days.  It is just us and the flora and fauna; the turtles, the pelicans, the fish, the palm trees and the sand.  There are no other people, no cars, no boats, no phones, no internet.  The only sounds are the gusts of the wind, the crashing of the waves and the tunes we play on the stereo.  What a special place to be!

It has been such a peaceful time here.  Each day we admire the beautiful scenery, snorkel I the unspoiled reefs and cove, and enjoy spending time alone with each other.  It is not often that you can completely unwind in the absence of all of the trappings of modernity.  This is the one place that allows us to do just that, and we will keep coming back with our fingers crossed hoping that no one else discovers this special spot and its magic.

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Days in our Private Anchorage…”

  1. LOVE this blog
    We spent a week in Grenadines this summer on a Moorings Cat and i want to go back!! Looking forward to your future posts.

  2. Glad you found us! If you ever go on another charter, email us and we will give you some great tips on where to go!

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