What Day is it Anyways….

Happy Times in Grenada

What Day is it Anyways….

We are still in Grenada, having fun and engaging in a variety of boat maintenance and fix-it projects.  The days are blending together, we are constantly asking each other “what day is it?”  The mornings are “work” time and the afternoons are for the beach, snorkeling, liming, etc.  We are anxious to be moving on, but we are waiting for one last part to arrive.  It could get here today, it could be next week- it’s the islands and you can’t be in a hurry or else you will constantly be frustrated.

We had a wonderful time at the Saturday farmer’s market.  There were fruits and veggies of every color and size on display.  We loaded up with fresh avocados, oranges, limes, bananas, passion fruit, and spices.  We also went to the fresh fish market and purchased a huge slab of yellow fin tuna for dinner.  It was absolutely delicious. 

We also were invited to a dinner party on Stu and Jenny’s power yacht.  Stu mixed up a potent batch of rum punch and Jenny wowed us with her assortments of appetizers.  She is a fabulous chef and a wonderful hostess.  We had so much fun and ended the night dancing on the fly-bridge under the stars.

We are becoming beach bums on Grand Anse beach.  In the early mornings we do our daily 3 mile beach run/walk and then sit in the sea with the locals and watch the family of sting rays feed in the shallow waters.   In the afternoons, we float in the calm waters watching the day-trippers from visiting cruise ships get dumped off by catamaran and bus.  We always head to Janice’s snackette for a lunch of her famous chicken wings.  Then it is to Garfield’s beach bar to have our flanka and watch the veterinary students from the states bring their assortment of pets to show off.  They come with every breed of dog imaginable.  On Sunday, one girl even brought a cat to the beach.  She had it decked out in a sort of baseball hat too.  We thought it a bit much when she took it swimming.  We were hoping that the cat would escape and reclaim its lost dignity, but no luck; she had it on a leash all day.  Another one of those Grenadaisms that has us scratching our heads.

On the agenda tomorrow is more sun, fun, relaxation and rum.  There is a small possibility that our part could arrive… not really.. that would be too efficient.    No worries, it is all good here in paradise.

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