A Flanka At Night Will Set You Right….

Pirate and his Flanka

A Flanka At Night Will Set You Right…

Our friends at Grenada Marine taught us the proper local vernacular for our favorite drink of Rum and Coke, here it is known as “Flanka”.  However, the drink must be made in a certain way to qualify as a true Flanka.  It should be 5 parts Clark’s Court Special Dark Rum and 1 part Coke.  If the addition of Coke to the rum and ice makes the drink in any way opaque, then you’ve added too much Coke.   We have already mastered the art of Flanka making and drinking.  It is a good skill to have in the islands.

We have found too that when we go to local bars and order a “Flanka,”  it is usually cheaper than ordering a Rum & Coke – same ingredients but half the price.  Another one of those Grenadaisms that has us scratching our heads.  It could be that because we know the local lingo, we get the local price.  Or, it could be that rum really is that much cheaper than cola here.   Regardless, it is Flanka for us from now on!

We have been seeing some spectacular sunsets from our anchorage.  We are also enjoying hanging out at Garfield’s beach bar for our evening Flankas.  We have befriended quite a few locals, including Boots, a Grenada beach dog.  Boots always meets us at the dinghy dock and walks with us the half mile or so to Garfield’s.  When we swim in the sea, Boots usually swims with us, circling us in the water no matter how far we choose to swim out. 

Tonight our friend, Beeman arrives from Newport (we named him that due to the fact he is a Bee Keeper and Honey Maker by profession- not an original name, we know, but it has stuck nonetheless).  He will be sailing with us for the next few weeks as we head north.   No hurries to pick up anchor yet though, we still have many Flankas and sunsets to take in here.

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