It’s D-Day!!


It’s D-Day!

Our target splash date has arrived.  If all goes according to plan, we should be in the water by the end of the day.   I wouldn’t bet on the odds of things going according to plan though.

The last several days have been extremely wet.  A tropical system has been lingering over the Windward Islands and has dumped heavy rains on Grenada each day.  Everywhere we go, the ground is a disgusting muddy mess, not good when all you have to wear is flip flops.  It is likely that this rain has slowed down work on our boat as well.  You can’t work in de rain, mon!

A little downpour or two hasn’t got us down though, in fact it has only enhanced our liming skills.  We have been enjoying the chance to relax in our air conditioned hotel room.  We have also stopped at a few of our favorite watering holes.  We had a great time at the Tropicana Inn and Bar for Friday BBQ night.  It was pure local food- fish and ground provisions and crab backs.  We met a great Grenadian couple and were talking with them about all of our favorite places.  We mentioned that we had plans to go and visit our friend Clyde in Balthazar as his bar.  We met Clyde last year on one of the Hash’s when he hosted it and let us Hash throughout his beautiful farm and lands.  When we mentioned Clyde, the couple looked at each other and then told us that Clyde was dead.  We thought surely it couldn’t be the same Clyde we were talking about- but it was. They told us the story of what happened to him and we are still in shock.

A few months ago, Clyde and a couple of his workers were doing some work on his farm.  One of the workers went crazy and chopped off Clyde’s head with his machete along with the other man who was working.  The lunatic then put both heads in a bucket, drove to the local police station and dumped the heads out onto the counter and turned himself in.  You can imagine the pandemonium that ensued in the station with one officer even passing out.  Grenada is such a peaceful island, something like this is unfathomable.  With those two murders, that brings the total yearly number to 5.  As you can imagine, people here are still shaken up about the whole thing.  It is very sad, Clyde was a great guy and only in his 30s. 

We are the first boat to be launched this season at Grenada Marine.  It is a good position to be in as everyone is excited to be starting the season off and are all eagerly working on the boat getting it ready.  We are eager to be floating again too!  This hotel living has us spoiled.  It is time for life at sea, with all its trials and tribulations- but especially its peace and of course the mandatory afternoon cocktail while watching the sun set into the ocean..

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