Back to Island Living…

View from our hotel room

It is wonderful to be back in Grenada.  It feels like coming back home, as everywhere we go we see friendly faces that we know. 

The boat is looking good.  Our friends at Grenada Marine have taken good care of her and have added some great upgrades while we were gone.  We are looking forward to splashing her to try out all the new stuff.  Right now they are saying Friday as a launch date, but that really means Monday or Tuesday. In the meantime, we are comfortable at our usual hotel on beautiful Grand Anse beach.  It is definitely slow season as we are the only people staying at this huge resort. We are the only car in the lot, the only people at the restaurant, the only ones at the pool… it feels like it is our own grand mansion.    

We had a near miss with our island rental car.  We drove it for a couple of days with a knocking sound that kept getting louder and more persistent.  We took it back to our friend Ian and traded it out for another rental.  Later that evening, we ran into Ian at Garfield’s, our favorite local beach bar, and had a few cocktails with him and his mates.  He told us that he found out what the problem was with our rental car, and it was a good thing we brought it back when we did.  It turns out that he has just had all of the tires rotated and the auto “shop” neglected to tighten any of the lug nuts when the put the tires back on.   The left rear wheel was on the verge of coming completely off the car.  We were lucky we didn’t lose the wheel on one of the hairpin turns or steep cliff-side roads that we drive each day to and from the shipyard. 

We also had a fantastic time catching up with our friends Stuart and Jenny.  We met them a couple of years ago in St. Martin when they were chartering a catamaran that was in the slip next to ours.  They have now turned to the dark side and are running an 80 foot powerboat called King Kalm that is for the moment docked in St. Georges.  We had cocktails aboard their floating resort and caught up on a year’s worth of adventures.  It was good fun! 

We have only been back in Grenada 3 days, but if feels like we have never left.  We have traded all of our US$ for EC$, switched our AT&T phone for a LIME phone, moved from driving on the right to driving on the left, and have started saying “tree” instead of three. It is back to island living and a more laid back vibe.

Our favorite “Grenada-ism” thus far:

Having breakfast at our hotel this morning, we ordered the Continental Breakfast to split which according to the menu comes with “coffee and juice, cereal and fruit, and toast and assorted pastries.”   When they brought the food out, we only received the toast, not the pastries.  We asked our server about it saying that yesterday we got a better assortment of breads, including muffins and croissants, not just two pieces of dry toast.  We asked if they ran out of the other stuff (which we thought likely since they run out of everything at some point).  She said  “oh no, we got de other stuff in de back”.  So we asked why we weren’t given any, to which she said:  “Well it is all a matter of how you interpret de menu”  So we pointed out it says toast AND pastry.  She said  “oh yes, de other server you had interpreted dat to mean you get both, you see it is all a matter of interpretation”   So, tomorrow we will probably be looking for the server with the right “interpretation skills”… 

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