Good Times with Good Friends in Nantucket

Cajun and Pirate are recuperating from a fun week in Nantucket with great friends.  We took the ferry from Hyannis to Nantucket to meet up with Bill and Amie who rent a beach home there each year.  We always have a great time with them whether on our boat in the islands or at their vacation home in Nantucket. 

We started our week off with Pirate and Bill serving as honorary judges/photogs/style snobs at a preppy fashion show held at the island’s only brewery/winery/distillery, Cisco Brewery.  Armed with front row seats, the two guys channeled their inner fashionistas and even sashayed down the runway a time or two, mostly just to get a refill of their vodka concoctions, but they worked it all the same.   The scene was quintessential Nantucket with the girls decked out in pastels and Lilly Pulitzer-style prints and the guys in madras and lots of pink.  They even dressed their dogs in preppy attire.    It was a bit over the top, but that’s Nantucket- a world’s difference from the Caribbean.  After the show, we were off to pick up more friends, Bill and Jean, at the dock.  They were a bit frazzled after nearly sinking their sailboat on the way to Nantucket from the Cape.  There was a serious leak in the bilge which had them bucketing out water as they arrived into port.  Of course, more drinks were needed to calm their frayed nerves.  So as good sailors, we polished off a bottle of 25 year old Haitian rum.  Things always seem better after rum drinks and a beautiful sunset.  Bill also treated us with his delicious steamed mussels; a secret recipe that we know includes lots of butter!

After a long, lazy day at Surfside Beach, we went out for a night on the town.  Dinner at American Seasons was delicious, even though the portions were a tad on the small side.  After Pirate doled out a taste of his tuna dish to Cajun and Bill, he joked that he had given half of his meal away.   To burn off all 15 of those calories, we decided to head to the Chicken Box for some dancing to the sounds of Sex Toy Party, a funky, rowdy and upbeat band.  Fortunately, Amie had the foresight to hire a cab for the evening, because when we closed the Chicken Box down no one was in any shape to drive.  We finished the night off in the hot tub with more rum and lots of chips (since we were still damn hungry after our mini-meals).  We all woke up with cobwebs in our heads the next day as our memories slowly started to return and we were able to fit the missing pieces together with 6 brains working at it- “You mean we did Tequila shots?”   “Did we really mix 25 year old rum with Mountain Dew?”  “We ate 3 bags of Tostitos in the hot tub?”   A degree in criminology was not needed to find out the answers to these questions though… the evidence was clearly laid out in the kitchen and near the hot tub.  Yikes, it was like being back in college. 

The drunken debauchery of the Chicken Box was followed by an exquisite fine dining experience at Topper’s Restaurant.  We were treated to a fantastic dinner by our dear friends Karen and Jim.  The wines were outstanding, starting with the absolute best French champagne ever- a 1996 Salon brut- and ending with a heavenly Chateau d’Yquem desert wine with lots of delicious French reds in between.   After 7 bottles we were in heaven.  It was wonderful to see Karen and Jim and it was one of the best dining experiences we have ever had.  

We finished off our trip with a couple of nights at Karen’s hotel, The Beachside.  She runs a tight ship and the service and accommodations were wonderful.  It was a great week because it was spent with great friends.  Thank you Karen, Bill and Amie- you truly are the most gracious and fun hosts. 

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