I Don’t Want to Work, I Just Want to Sail on Our Boat All Day….

Cajun feeling smart in Harvard Yard

It is hard to believe that we have already been back in the states for over two months.  Where has the time gone?  The unriveting reality is that we have been swamped with work and the mundane errands that stack up when you are gone for 6 months.  Appointments, meetings, filing, organizing, bills, calls, shopping, planning….. Shearwater take us away!!

It hasn’t all been toil and trouble though.  We are managing to fit the fun in.  We are in gorgeous Newport, Rhode Island where the weather is a sunny 78 degrees and we are surrounded by weekenders and tourists who are here to have a good time.  There are hundreds of sailboats in the harbor and we sit at the yacht club in the evenings and watch them come and go. 

It has also been great to attend many of the Celtics playoff games at the Boston Garden.  We even took a trip to Los Angeles to watch game 6 of the NBA finals.  Our seats were fantastic, mid-court with a clear view of both the game and the courtside shenanigans of P Diddy and his hookerific entourage.  Kareem was sitting two rows in front of us, luckily not directly in front or we would not have had such a great view!  We were hoping the Celtics would put on a better show for us, but it was not to be.  We then flew to Las Vegas for a few days to break up the trip (LAX to Boston is a long flight).  We had lots of fun gambling, shopping, eating and people watching.  Our pockets were lighter and we were exhausted when we got home.

Our trip to Los Angeles was also strategic, in that we are currently on a mission to achieve elite status with American Airlines before we return to the Caribbean.  Achieving elite status is important to us for three key reasons: 

  1. Pirate is 6’5” and needs an exit row or bulk head!  He simply doesn’t fit in the regular seats; his shoulders spill over and his knees are jammed into the tray table.  Sitting next to him is no picnic either.  Those with Gold status can reserve the good seats in advance.
  2. Baggage fees are killing us.  Flying back and forth to the boat requires us to lug lots of gear and having to pay the new baggage fees can be the equivalent buying a whole new ticket for your stuff.  You don’t have to pay those if you are Gold.  
  3. Change fees of $150 per person.  Another way the airlines rape you is by charging you so much to change your flight.  With as much as we travel, we often have to make a change at the last minute, and then we are out $300 for nothing.  The airlines waive those fees for those who have status.   

We need to accrue 25K miles in the short time we are here. We are at 19K and counting.  We will get it done.

In the meantime, Shearwater is hauled out in Grenada safe and sound.  Herve is at work putting solar panels on her so that we will be more energy efficient and won’t be so reliant on the generator.  She is also getting new heads and a new stereo system- the really important stuff.   This season should be a nice and relaxing one as we are only sailing the Grenadines.  However, we are making our plans for the 2012 season when we will be sailing away from our Caribbean home and through the Panama Canal.  It is time for Gumbopirate to go in search of adventures in a new playground…

One thought on “I Don’t Want to Work, I Just Want to Sail on Our Boat All Day….”

  1. Ed,
    We left Carina in MH for the summer and are planning to go to south(possibly Tortola) this winter. Who knows maybe we will catch the two of you.
    Any chance you will be in Newport in September? Steven from the Jib Room is planning to meet us there around the third week. It would be great if we could all hook up!

    Mike and Sloane

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