We know what it means…

We know what it means to miss New Orleans...

We are back home in New Orleans!  We have missed this city immensely and it is great to be back, if only for a short time.  We arrived just in time for Jazz Fest.  We made the pilgrimage to the race track on opening day intent on camping out at the Gentilly Stage to see John Cleary and Dr. John.  We also were motivated to sample as much of the festival food as we could jam down our gullets- cochon de lait poboys, Natchitoches meat pies, Crawfish Monica, etc.  Unfortunately, soon after we arrived the heavens opened up and a monsoon engulfed us.  We were troopers and stayed put to hear John Cleary despite being totally drenched.  Once you’re wet, you’re wet, it can’t get much worse.  Plus, we are used to a little water after living on a boat for the last 6 months.   We didn’t make it for Dr. John though.  We decided to leave after the standing water was approaching our knees.  We slogged all the way home and put on a Dr. John cd instead, enjoying his tunes in the dry comfort of the living room. 

Bummed that we did not get to enjoy all the festival foods, we made up for it by having a feast of Louisiana foods at One Restaurant in the Riverbend.  We had crab cakes, charbroiled oysters, fried green tomatoes, crawfish remolaude, soft shell crab and cochon de lait- all in one meal!  We finished it off with some strawberry shortcake and called it a night.  What a wonderful meal! 

We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks in the Big Easy where we are surrounded by family, friends, food and festivities!   


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