Winding Down…

At anchor in our special spot

We sailed from Bequia to our favorite secret anchorage.  As we hoped, we were the only boat there.  It was a relaxing three days of snorkeling, walking the beach and lying around.  The only problem was the mosquitoes.  After it would rain and the wind would die down the mosquitoes would arrive in full force.  We were swatting for our lives!   It was a war of 2 against a thousand- they won most of the battles.

Our stay at our private island was cut short due to a problem with the boat’s generator.  It stopped working and so we were without many of the comforts and conveniences that it provides us.  We could no longer use our water-maker, or anything that “plugs in” an outlet.  We were forced to shut off our freezer to conserve our battery power.  We decided to leave and sail straight to Grenada Marine Shipyard to get the problem fixed.  We sailed 30 miles without our navigational systems.  Pirate found the harbor with no problems using just a chart.

With the boat safely tucked away at the shipyard, we will be moving into a hotel on Grand Anse beach.  We will continue our liming on land while our boat gets the TLC it needs.

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