A Recap of Regatta Week…

Hawksbill Turtle up close

We have been in Bequia for 15 days now.  It is incredible how fast that time has flown by.  In that time, we have met some wonderful new friends, the kind of friends you know you will see again.  We have seen the entire island and have grown to feel at home here (just as we do in Grenada).  We have enjoyed ourselves so much that we have already made our plans to return to Bequia next season and stay for at least a month or two.

The highlights of our time in Bequia include:

  1. Meeting Rick, Peter, Tina, Dave, Mary, India, Ron and Candy.  They are fantastic people!  They are from Canada but we don’t hold it against them.  They invited us to an al fresco dinner at their family home in Spring.  The starry night, great conversation, and wonderful meal was a memory we will always cherish.
  2. Racing in the Bequia Regatta.  It was a great opportunity for the Pirate to crew on Ken’s boat Magic.  Even though the winds were light and racing was slow, the entertainment value aboard Magic was always high.
  3. Monday night at the Green Boley.  Rick and Mabel invited us to join them.  Saucony was the entertainment for the evening.  Everyone sang along to his tunes.  The conch roti and callalloo soup was delicious!
  4. Drinks at Maria’s Terrace.  No matter when we stopped in, it was always a good time.  Kenny always took care of us by liberally pouring the libations in the evenings and nursing our hangovers with frothy cappuccinos in the mornings.
  5. Watching the Double-ender race at Low Bay and Paget Farm.  It was a true treat to watch the local Bequian’s beaming with pride race their beautiful and colorfully painted wooden boats.  The competition was intense and animated.  We watched the start from Low Bay and the finish from Paget Farm with the locals.  We ate a feast of “street meat” from local vendors, including shark and whale and Johnny cakes.
  6. A visit to the Old Hegg Turtle Farm.  Cajun, Tina and Indie got an up-close and personal view of the resident Loggerhead, Hawksbill and Leatherback turtles.  We petted the turtles and scratched their leathery necks, watched the babies as they slept, and wandered around the farm mesmerized at these magical creatures.

We are now preparing to head south toward Carriacou.  We are both exhausted from our two weeks in Bequia- the full social calendar, the gobs of rum and good food and the many laughs (a la Peter and Rick- ya’ll just ain’t right).  We intend to go and “recover” at our favorite secret anchorage.  A place where there are no other boats and no other people.  It is the perfect uninhabited island anchorage where it is just us and the fish and the stars and the sounds of the sea.  It is the perfect prescription for party overload, a remedy sure to cure our aches and pains and lift us out of the rum-induced haze.

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