Ramping up for the Regatta…

Cajun in a Cave

It is definitely regatta time in Bequia.  The boats are packing themselves into the harbor each day.  Just when you think there is no more room for another boat to anchor, one manages to squeeze himself in to the chagrin of those he is now on top of.  There are dinghies zipping by at all hours, all loaded to the brim with rowdy people.  We no longer feel quite as safe taking our long swims from the boat to shore as we may get run over by one of those speeding dinghies.

But more people also means more fun in the area of people watching.  It is like a circus, not knowing which ring to look at at any given moment.  We are also catching up with lots of familiar faces and meeting new and interesting people too.  The races do not start until Thursday, but the parties have already begun.

In the midst of all of this hoopla, we still find time for some R&R.  We take walks on our favorite beach (Princess Margaret Beach) and float in the calm waters.  We have also discovered a new hangout called the Green Boley.  It is a small place, right on the water and they make the best calalloo soup and conch roti this side of Grenada.  We will be going there several times a week now!

It is great to be in Bequia again!

2 thoughts on “Ramping up for the Regatta…”

  1. Hello from New Orleans….It’s been almost a week and needless to say we are back to reality. (blah blah blah) The trip home was a major undertaking, no rest for the weary…we traveled by sea (ferry, land (St Vincent taxi thieves) & air (airplanes) and were exhausted to say the least. But it was all so worth it….we cannot begin to thank you and Ed for your gracious hospitality. We had so much fun and could not have seen the beautiful sights we did without your assistance. We have so many of memories and hundred’s of photos to share with our families and friends. I know you will enjoy the Bequia Regatta.
    Call us when you get into New Orleans, we’ll go to one of your favorite spots and catch-up.
    Paula & Roland

  2. Oh one last thing I forgot to mention. We got such fabulous golden tans that when we were boarding the plan in Puerto Rico two uniformed police officers stopped Roland and asked him if he was an American citizen? Talk about scare the @#*^ out of him…. Too bad they did not keep us we could have enjoyed one more day in paradise…
    I have to admit he really is very tall, dark and handsome these days!!!

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