Pirate Joins the Mustique Martini Club!

The view from Firefly!

One of the reasons for our trip to Mustique, besides the gorgeous beaches, fabulous scenery and crystal blue waters, was for Pirate to complete his requirements for becoming an official member of the Mustique Martini Club.  It was a goal he had been working toward for nearly a year.  We are happy to report that he has now graduated and is officially part of the exclusive group!

To gain entry into the Club, one is required to imbibe each one of the specialty martini drinks prepared by the talented bartender at Firefly.  The drinks number around 20 and you have to make your way through all of them in less than one year or you must start over.  On our last visit, he polished off seven of the concoctions.  This time, he finished!  

Entry into the Club affords you bragging rights and an official Club polo.  Of course, they did not have Pirate’s size.  They are special ordering it for him and we will pick it up on our next visit (gives us another reason to come back!).

With our goal completed, we sailed from Mustique to the Tobago Cays for some swimming with turtles and snorkeling of reefs.  The Cays are such a beautiful place!  While there we ran into a couple we saw in Mustique.  After chatting with them for awhile, turns out she is from Scott, LA!  Another Cajun in the Grenadines! 

We are now in Union Island among our many island friends.  We have gone from sipping martinis to sipping rum once again… it feels more like home here.

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