A Day at the Beach for the Rich and Famous… and Us!

Our Redneck Picnic

We spent our Friday at Macaroni Beach on Mustique.  Macaroni is a gorgeous wind-swept beach on the east side of the island.  There are no homes, resorts, vendors or vagrants… just miles of powdery white sands and vibrant blue waves crashing to shore.  The breezes make it a great place to spend the afternoon.  And since it is Mustique, there are things to make it a little more special than your average beach.   Teak picnic tables dot the perfectly manicured landscape.  Palm sculptures are constructed to hide the unsightly garbage cans.  Large stone pits provide a place to grill your delicacies.  And of course, someone rakes away the seaweed and leaves from the sand… 

We packed up a picnic for the beach.  We thought it was quite the perfect setup.  Booze, food and tunes; what more do you need?   We were happy as clams. 

However, we must tell you that our picnic was quite different from those of the rich and famous around us (yep there were some minor celebs on the beach by the name of Hilfiger and Jagger).  I guess since everyone here has stupid money, no one really stands out as a “big fish”.  One of the ways the rich and famous deal with this is by trying to outdo each other with their beach-day spreads.  Here is an example of that taken from watching our picnic neighbors yesterday:

Average Mustique Beach Picnic Scenario:

  1. Advance party of servants arrive in a parade of ATV’s towing all of the beach necessities for their employers. 
  2. Servants set up the tables with fine linens, china, silverware, and stemware. 
  3. Sous chef arrives and directs the placing of chafing dishes and other food items
  4. Main chef arrives and sets up the ridiculously large grill
  5. Sommelier sets up a wine station
  6. Florist arrives and lays out the table arrangements
  7. Butler begins to place beach chairs and umbrellas on the beach
  8. Servant places all beach toys near the chairs and sets up a table with fresh towels and water
  9. The guests arrive, spend 15 minutes on the beach, 30 minutes enjoying the lunch buffet and then leave.
  10. The servants spend the next 2 hours cleaning up.

We watched these goings-on while enjoying our much simpler picnic.  Less really is more you know.  We had to laugh as we felt like true rednecks with our mismatched beach towels, bottle of rum and backpack of ice, beef jerky , chee weez and pork rinds and our sophisticated IPOD dock music system.  But I promise you we had more fun than they did!  

Tomorrow we are setting sail again, leaving all the glamour and pretension behind and heading for another island paradise. 

One thought on “A Day at the Beach for the Rich and Famous… and Us!”

  1. Hi Missy Heidi,… (or Cajun,..`whichever)
    Thnx for the B/D wish,… however those festivities ended quite some time ago. I now celebrate each morning when I awaken,… pinch myself to see if I still feel it! Tell Paula that all is well,…Maddy has been behaving very ladylike,.. Staci picked her up for a visit w/ her `nephew Decoy, Fri. afternoon. Appears yall are having a wonderful time. Have a `cool one for me…..

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