Things are Great in the Grenadines…

Basils on Mustique

We sailed from St. Vincent to Mustique.  It was a beautiful day for a sail and we averaged 7.5 knots in 16 knot winds on a beam reach.  We were happy to leave St. Vincent, it was not a great place.  The anchorage was rolly and the place did not feel safe.  We never left the boat for fear things wouldn’t be there when we returned.

Paula and Roland arrived and brought the new expansion tank.  We have a working water system once again!   They also brought all kinds of other goodies with them that we have been enjoying (fashion magazines, community coffee, pork rinds, beef jerky and all kinds of candy, you know the necessities in life). 

We had a fabulous first day in Mustique.  We walked for miles along a palm lined beach, swam in the crystal blue waters, polished off a batch of mango daiquiris and had a four hour dinner at Basils.  It is so beautiful here, we are happy that we have three more days in this paradise!

Happy Birthday Mr. Bob!  It is wonderful to have your daughter on board!

One thought on “Things are Great in the Grenadines…”

  1. Hi Missy Heidi;..
    Thnx for the B/D wish,… however those festivities ended quite some time ago. I now celebrate each morning when I awaken,… pinch myself to see if I still feel it! Tell Paula that all is well,…Maddy has been behaving very ladylike,…Staci picked her up for a visit w/ her `nephew’ Decoy, Fri. afternoon. Appears y’all are having a wonderful time. Have a `cool one for me…..

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