Something on the Boat is Bound to Break in Bequia….

Just one of those days...

We have had a good run, 5 months on the boat and only one major malfunction to speak of.   That malfunction was a broken steering cable in our dinghy back in November.  Other than that, we have been in tip top shape.  Quite remarkable really!

Well, it was time for the boat gods to knock us down a peg or two less we get too comfortable and cocky.  The first thing the gods decided to test us with was a busted thermal expansion tank.  It’s a pretty important part, as without it we can’t get our water out of the tanks and through the faucets.  We can make water, but we can’t pull it through the system.  The faulty tank is brand new too.  They are supposed to last 5 years, but ours konked out in less than one.  We attempted to patch it up with duct tape, but it isn’t happy- huge chunks of rusty pieces fall off each time we run the water pump.  Uh Oh…

The second kink in our armor came in the form of a faulty starboard bilge pump.  Another water problem, but this time we can’t get the water pumped out.  Again, a pretty important issue as too much accumulated water leads to the boat sinking.  We are far from that happening thankfully!

Fortunately, we have a Bequia connection!  The guy who fixed our dinghy problem back in November is here.  His name is Allen and he works for rum.  Maybe that is why he has no teeth and doesn’t do mornings!  We have arranged for Allen by and change our oil in the engines and hopefully squeeze down into the bilge and fix the bad pump. 

Even better, our friends Paula and Roland are bringing a new thermal expansion tank with them when they come next week (otherwise we would be waiting a month for it to be shipped here).  We will be back in business in no time!

In the meantime, our regular routine of relaxation, reading and rum consumption continues.  While boat problems are never fun, they are certainly more palatable while anchored in a beautiful tropical paradise- and it don’t get no better than Bequia baby! 

3 thoughts on “Something on the Boat is Bound to Break in Bequia….”

  1. I know Paula and Roland were very excited about visiting you two… Have a great time…

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