Back to Basics in Bequia…

Sailing off into the sunset

We made it safely to Bequia.  It was a great 50 mile close haul sail in choppy seas.  Along the way we saw the biggest turtle we have ever laid eyes on.  It was at least 5 foot long with a head the size of a bowling ball.  It was just floating along in the middle of the ocean.  We hooked something large on our fishing line right off of St. Lucia, so large it snapped the wire leader in half and got away with the lure and its life.  We didn’t have any more luck fishing after that….

We anchored in Admiralty Bay, Bequia in water so clear we could see our anchor as it set in the sand and also the family of puffer fish that have now made it their home base.  Bequia is a popular place for sailors.  There are nearly 100 boats here in the harbor, sailing vessels of all types and sizes.  It has been fun to watch them come and go.  It is a harbor designed for sailors with a large barge that comes boat to boat to bring fuel and water right to you- no need to haul jerry jugs to the gas station!  They also have ice and will do your laundry.  Now that is service!  On shore there are tons of restaurants, café’s and hot spots that all host their own happy hours and live music nights.  There are also many different dingy docks so that you can park your ride right near where you want to go. Finally, they have the best book swap we have encountered yet.   These are conveniences that are not found in most other harbors.  I guess that is why there are 100+ boats here.

We will be relaxing here in Bequia for a week or so enjoying this sailors’ paradise.  Time to slow down and relax before our friends Paula and Roland come to visit us next week…

2 thoughts on “Back to Basics in Bequia…”

  1. Hi Folks;….

    I’m Paula’s Dad,… and I reside in a lil’ cottage behind Paula & Roland’s home. I’ll be `pup-sitting’ for Paula’s Choc. Lab,…Madigan while they’re absent…. Hope y’all have a most wonderful & uneventful `outing’! Keep me posted` if you are able to do so…. `Ruff!’, (a deep- throated one,… not a `yip’!)


  2. We will try to update the blog along the way and post some pics! We are looking forward to their visit!

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