Playing Under the Pitons…


After 10 glorious days in Marigot Bay, it was time to leave the comfort of our mooring ball in search of less crowds and different scenery.  Our good friends Bill and Amy arrived and joined us as we set off for the Pitons on St. Lucia’s southwest coast.  The Pitons are two towering dormant volcanic peaks that soar 3000 feet above the ocean.  They provide a visually stunning anchorage that makes you realize just how small you are in the grand scheme of things.  It is a place of breathtaking beauty.

We have spent the last ten days under this majestic setting.  As these anchorages are more remote, we have been without internet access for the last week.  Therefore, there have been no blog updates in quite some time.  I will try to provide the highlights of the last week here, but mostly we followed the same daily routine:  snorkel, frolic, relax, drink rum, repeat.   Not a bad way to pass the days.

  1. Harmony Beach anchorage at Malgretout

Benny and his family made our stay at this anchorage just right.  At first we had our boat moored with a stern line to a coconut tree on shore.  This proved not so good as local kids were climbing the line to our boat to beg for “fizzy drinks and biscuits”.  We moved to a mooring ball a little further out and were much happier.  After a full day of snorkeling the base of Petit Piton and the entire area of Malgretout, we went ashore for dinner.  Marchelene prepared a great dinner of Creole fish and seafood stew.  There were also plenty of libations and great conversations with other visiting sailors.  Fortunately, Benny provided us a water taxi ride back to our boat where we continued the party on the bow.  It was a late night of singing and dancing under the stars.  In the immortal words of Michael Jackson, “Don’t blame it on the moonlight, don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on the boogie.”

  1.  Jalousie Anchorage


drinks at Ladera

We moored directly beneath and between the Pitons near the Jalouise Resort for three fabulous days.  The winds were howling and we were circling our mooring ball, but it was far too beautiful to even think about moving to a calmer spot.  On Sunday, we headed to the Ladera Resort for brunch.  We keep coming back to this place.  It has the most beautiful view in all of the Caribbean.  The food is great too!  We had a wonderful day filled with lots of food and lots of Ladera punches and some island tunes from the octogenarian band.  On Monday, it was back to work.  Back to the daily grind of snorkel, frolic and consume rum.  We played a few games of Scrabble and the words kept getting more interesting as we polished off our fourth bottle of rum punch. 

Scrabble pose

Our final day under the Pitons was spent at the gorgeous Jalousie Resort.  The girls enjoyed the hotel spa while the guys went for a long snorkel.  We all met up again for some mango daiquiris and lounging at the pool.  We moved down to the beach to watch a fabulous sunset before heading back to our boat, which was only a few yards away.   Back on the boat we witnessed an incredible show as Petite Piton lit up the evening sky in flames.  With the severe drought St. Lucia has been experiencing, there have been frequent brush fires in the mountains.  We just happened to be there to witness one of the Pitons go up in flames.  It was a beautiful show of nature’s fury. 

Jalousie sunset
  1. Vieux Fort anchorage
Cajun and Amy at the beach

We sailed south to Vieux Fort on the Southern tip of St. Lucia.  The anchorage was perfect as we were the only boat there!  It was great for swimming with calm, shallow and clear waters.  The town however, was an armpit, nasty and dirty.  We taxied a couple of miles to the windward side to visit the beautiful Sable Beach.  We camped out at the Reef Bar for the day and had a great time.  This is a kite and wind surfer hangout with a great vibe, friendly people and a good supply of rum.  What more could you ask for?  We caught some rays, drank some cocktails and munched on seafood pizza, fried calamari and octopus stew.  MMM!!

Doggie cools down under the kite surfs

Bill and Amy headed back home to Boston.  It was sad to see them go as we had so much fun together.  The Pirate and I sailed south to Bequia.  It was a great 50 mile sail with strong winds and calm seas.  We anchored in Admiralty Bay just off the beach.  A new island with new adventures in store….

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