Back to the Daily Lime…

Liming Time

We gladly left the dirty marina and sailed south to Marigot Bay.  Upon arriving, Herman met us in his dingy and set us up with our favorite mooring ball.  Being hooked to this ball gives us the best view of the never-ending parade of boat traffic coming and going from the harbor- the speedboats, fishing vessels, charter sailboats, mega-yachts, and our favorite- the “cattlemarans” (those day charter cats packed to the gills  with cruise ship people on an excursion).  It is so entertaining to just sit on the back deck and watch the parade go by, our own private Mardi Gras playing in front of our eyes 24×7.

The atmosphere in Marigot Bay is a huge improvement to Rodney Bay.  The water is clean and suitable for swimming, the breeze is cool and free from dust, and our neighbors are all at a good enough distance away.  We intend to stay here for awhile to relax and catch up on boat maintenance (cleaning projects mostly, hulls, stainless, waxing, etc.)

We have placed an order with our friend “Comeback” for some red snapper.  Two days in a row, he had an eel in his fish traps and therefore no snapper.  Apparently the eel scares the snapper away.  Hopefully, tonight the eels will stay away and we will be having snapper for dinner.  We are also learning to play the steel drums in our free time (we have lots of free time so we should be at a master level in no time).  Our goal is to be able to bang out “When the Saints Go Marching In”, but so far we have only mastered “Three Blind Mice” and “Old MacDonald Had a Farm”.   Baby steps, but we will get there. 

It feels good to be back in our island routine- away from the hustle and bustle and back to perfecting our liming talents.

One thought on “Back to the Daily Lime…”

  1. Hi its us, Bud and Grace Ann Durden from the Exxon Mobile car race event. We are the ones who loaned you guys the jacket. Your life looks wonderful. You guys are doing it right. We are having snow here again tomorrow and we live in Dallas!

    We will keep in touch. I am looking for the islands that we visited on the Windstar cruise we told you about. Marigot Bay actually sounds familiar.

    So nice to meet such interesting people.

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