Sightseeing with Serge…

Gumbopirate in St. Lucia

Our good friend Serge took us around Dominica for our last two days there.  We visited our usual favorites of Calabishie, Batibou and Red Rock.  He also took us on a drive around the windward side to the Carib Indian territory and through the rainforest to the beautiful Emerald Pool.  We saw so many beautiful places that it is hard to keep them all straight. 

We said goodbye to all our Dominican friends and sailed south to Martinique for the sole purpose of stocking up on our favorite rum- Depaz.   We were in and out of Martinique in a flash.  Once we raided the rum shop, we sailed south again to St. Lucia.  It was a beautiful day for sailing with the wind on our beam.  We averaged 9 knots under full sail.  We moored in beautiful Marigot Bay and soon were welcomed by our St. Lucian family.  We met up with them at Doolittles and had a rowdy party for the Saints game.  What a game!  Everyone at the bar was cheering for our Saints- doing shots, doing a dance when they scored, singing the Who Dat song.   It’s going to be a Black and Gold Superbowl!!!!!

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