Living it up in the land of plenty…

Dominica fast food

Dominica and its wonderful people have been treating us well these last few days. There is an abundance of the freshest fruits and vegetables of every kind here. Produce is everywhere you go. Mangos are always at your feet, falling from the over-ripe trees. Coconuts are always above your head making you glance up nervously now and then hoping that none will fall on you. As you walk to and fro, you can pick all the oranges, limes, guava, and grapefruits you can carry. Yesterday we bought an avocado that was the size of Pirate’s head! There are also all of these interesting fruits and veggies that we have never heard of in all shapes, sizes and colors. From sorrel to dasheen to sapodilla to soursop.   Needless to say, our boat is overflowing with goodies.

We have been having local friends stop by to bestow us with fresh things as welcome back gifts. We have fruit stored everywhere you can imagine. No one is allowed to drink anything without having a fresh slice of mango, lime or orange to garnish and sweeten the drink. We even had someone paddle to our boat on a surfboard to give us a bottle of freshly squeezed passion fruit juice. One thing is certain; we will definitely not have to worry about contracting scurvy!

In between all of our forced feedings of fruit, we managed to squeeze in a trip up the Indian River with our friend Chicken. It was so beautiful and peaceful. At the end of the river we stopped for a few drinks at the Bush Bar. Really, it is a shack of sorts nestled way up in the jungle only accessible by row boat. We sipped some very potent “jungle juice” that was more rum than juice. They serve the drinks in those tiny cups that you normally see on large water dispensers at the gym. At first, one may balk at the size of the drinks and think it is just one more way they are trying to gouge tourists- charging $4 for a tiny sippy-cup cocktail. However, after one of these drinks your limbs are tingling and you are smiling bigger than you thought you could. We had three of them each and can barely remember are trip back down the river! Luckily, all of the vitamins we have been getting from the fruits and veggies prevented us from suffering from too bad a hangover the next day.

Tomorrow we are off for a day with Sergie to wander in the rainforest and an evening with our friends at Big Poppas for a reggae jump-up. Places to go and people to see in the land of plenty!

One thought on “Living it up in the land of plenty…”

  1. just read your blogs for the first time. as a business owner in his 40’s who dreams of sailing. Your “no prior experience” story is inspiring. Thanks for the blog…looking forward to following it.

    p.s. the game just ended so yeaahhh to the cajun. saints are goin to the superbowl !!!!

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