Life’s a Beach…

Hanging out on our porch

Anguilla has the most beautiful beaches of any other island.  Because the topography of this island is long and flat, the coastline is filled with white sand beaches that go on for miles.  The sand is so white that it almost hurts your eyes.  The water is so blue that it doesn’t look real.  It is breathtakingly gorgeous wherever you go.  

We are staying on one of the best beaches, Mead’s Bay.  It is two miles of pure white sands and crystal blue waters.  However, due to some pretty large northerly swells coming through it has been a little too rough to swim in.  There are huge waves crashing on the shore making it a bit dangerous.  But, it has been fabulous to watch and even better to listen to the waves as you fall asleep at night.

We decided to spend the day on the opposite side of the island to enjoy a beach that was not affected by the swell.  We chose Shoal Bay West and camped out for the day outside of Trattoria Tramonto, a fabulous Italian restaurant and bar.  It was the perfect place to spend a beautiful day.  We sipped mango daiquiris and people watched.  The actor Liam Neeson was there enjoying lunch with his family. 

After the beach, we went for an impromptu rum tasting.  Impromptu because we were initially going to just pop in and buy a bottle, and before you knew it we had the tasting glasses laid out with several different rums to compare.  We all agreed on our favorite- Pyrat XO Reserve – an Anguilla rum aged 15 years.  It is a sipping rum that doesn’t need to be mixed.  A close second was Rhum Barbancourt from Haiti.  Barbancourt is a sugar cane rum that has a wonderful flavor and is very smooth.  And at only $7 per bottle, is unbeatable. 

After much sun and much rum, we called it a day.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for more of the same….  No complaints here!

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